Monday, 27 January 2014

Watching Paint Dry

Why do landlords think that putty-coloured paint is all a tenant should be allowed to use? The paint most landlords provide is cheap and an awful colour. It goes on dingy and gets worse as the years roll by. Look at the difference between the new paint I applied and the mansard part of the wall.
I am not going above five feet. Not only do I not have a tall ladder, but the condition of the wall is just so bad, no sense doing anything with it.

See below, what looks like a light yellow colour above the shelf is actually a warm light, light toffee colour. Above is the ugly paint the landlord applied thirty years ago. I am fortunate to have four quarts of this high-quality latex and will merrily paint along. Might use some of it for the hallway floor that leads from the front door.

Things are a little better in the main part of the room since that large shelving unit miraculously was dissembled today and reassembled outside my apartment door and now stands in the hall awaiting someone who wants it to come and get it. It's a huge, heavy beast of a thing. Great for a basement or a garage. Excellent for a cottage to put dishes on if cupboards are in sort supply.

Here's the shelving unit outside my front door. It stands where my three pairs of boots used to be. This is before someone stole them. I am still awaiting the police to actually think that this crime is worth being concerned about. I guess since it wasn't their boots that were stolen, my situation just warrants a big shrug.

Things are back to chaos and tomorrow, after applying another coat of paint to the useless hallway walls, it is essential that I start putting things in place on the small shelf I bought today and also, time to consider where some of the plastic bins with art supplies are going to be stacked. Nailing the cube unit to the wall to stabilize it might be a plan. There are items on it at present but it is really not usable. Very rickety.