Sunday, 26 January 2014

An Unexpected Glitch

Oops, there is not enough room along the tall wall in the useless hallway for the large shelving unit that is three feet wide by seven feet tall.
The wall is a foot
too short.

I know, doesn't sound earth-shattering but there is so little usable space in this apartment, not being able to put the unit I had on-hand in that location today has thrown off plans indefinitely. Until I can get  two smaller shelving units, not three feet wide but two feet wide, height is not a problem, then I'm on-hold, as they say.

Still, a good day's work getting the small tables, filing cabinet and the remainder of the photos out of the space.

Immediate work to be done, painting the rad which
hadn't been cleaned of dust much less painted in several
decades, and then painting the sub flooring. What an ugly job this has turned out to be.

Still, when I look at how the only regular wall in the place looked a decade ago, I am pleased with the yellow-backed book case. Note, it's the same desk holding the aquarium as what is there today.