Sunday, 29 May 2011

Stittsville Art in the Park Show Rained-out

All packed, ready to go and the rain just would not let up. The entire month of May has been rained-out here in Ottawa...and in much of the rest of Canada. Resultant flooding in the west has caused no end of damage.

I'd planned on doing only one outdoor show this summer and it was the Stittsville one. It appeared that perhaps, just maybe, the rain would not start up as it was damp but doable at 9:00 am and my plan was to load the grid and a table and head to the outskirts of Ottawa...just beyond the fringe, as Stittsville was billed more than 40 years ago by a  memorable TV spot for a car dealership now long since closed.

Totally regrettable that the weather wasn't better for this show.