Monday, 30 May 2011

How a Show Comes Together

The Anything Goes sign
It's like theatre, really. There's the anticipation of opening night, the vernissage, which in this case is in three days. Things appear chaotic but with a pull  here and a tug there, the show starts to come together.

I was surprised to see a  large U-Haul backed into the side yard of the gallery and a crew of struggling people unloading heavy crates that revealed sculpture by Deborah Arnold. Evocative and lovely pieces. And what a superb showcase for her work and that of other sculptures in the Sculpture Garden, an outdoor oasis that bathes each piece in natural and clear light.

I can attest that Anything Goes is an art show you won't want to miss.

Sculpture by Deborah Arnold

Deborah Arnold and  her crew unpack her work
By Deborah Arnold

Wooden boxes containing sculpture, Mathieu Laca's work on the wall behind
Plinths awaiting art

Patrick John Mills work, ready to hang

Art awaiting hanging

Whimsical piece

Entrance to the sculpture garden looking towards Hinchey Street

An art surprise in pink bubble wrap

Uncrating Early Icon
Early Icon by Deborah Arnold
Come Thursday's vernissage, the gallery will be unrecognizable from today