Thursday, 20 March 2014

Colour-blocked Book Shelf

This book shelf is almost done. In picking up a load of books from the Sustainability Project at Ottawa University, enough yellow and orange books were added to the top shelf to pretty well complete it. There are plenty of blue and green books and some plain black books with red writing on the spine. The only colours that need beefing up are purple/violet and pink. Eventually, many of the older, hard-covered books, most of which are automotive-related, will be moved to another book shelf.

In purging the white and black spines today, I filled a bag for the Drive-by Library on Oxford, corner of Pinehurst, just off Parkdale. I left a brown-spined, first edition of Fanny Hill there last week, thinking that most of the books seemed to be for adults but in retrospect, if it's there when I drop of this next load, I'll retrieve it. I can recall when it was one of the hottest books in print, so racy, too racy should it fall into the wrong hands. (Since retrieved.)

After-thought. Isn't Ottawa sounding positively interesting from this post? Imagine, a Sustainability Project in an old two-story house on the university campus run by student volunteers where everything is free: clothing, small appliances, dishes, bedding, toiletries, and a big bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Tons of three-ring binders if you're looking for binders. It's on King Edward Ave. just a couple doors up from the house where the student newspaper, the Fulcrum, is located. About half a block before Osgoode St.

And then there's the Drive-by Library or what I sometimes call, the Free Range Library where someone has established a self-contained shelving unit with the books protected behind glass doors, and there's a welcoming sign that says, "Take a book, leave a book."

All in Ottawa. Imagine that!

Some of the books found for FREE at the Sustainability Project.
All the right colours and some which I shall actually read.