Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Creating the Groping Portion

 The need to do a groping hand looms as the Fall show, I Killed the Group of Seven, comes closer.

Working with Plaster of Paris is relatively easy but not always to get the shape you want.

In today's experiment, I filled two rubber gloves with plaster the consistency of cake batter. Shaping the fingers was a bit of a problem and I used a foam ball for one and a large pill bottle or vial for the other, the blue hand. The white hand is actually a blue glove with a white hair-colour glove put over it, for added stability although this was not needed. Unlike condoms which expand when plaster is poured into them, rubber gloves do not have the same give.

Half way though the drying process, I was surprised at the amount of heat given off in the exothermic exchange as the plaster hardened.

Removing the gloves was awkward and several fingers broke which I repaired but who knows how well my patch-work will do. If I do this again, I will reinforce the fingers using straws or other semi-pliable material.