Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wednesday's Work

Wednesday's work was intense. Done like dinner, however, and the couch is in chunks at the front of the house awaiting pickup tomorrow. And I just freed up about 25 square feet of useable space.
What confronted us. A huge Bauhaus couch.
Thank goodness it wasn't a hideabed. 
Where to start?

The mighty Sawzall.
You can see the saw dust flying.

Attacking the upholstery with a steak knife.
A pair of substantial kitchen shears, a
pocket knife, a steak knife, a sawmill,
(isn't the computer funny. It corrected
sawzall and put in sawmill) and
bolt cutters did the job in less than
three hours. 

We threw chunks of couch two floors
down to a very slippery driveway.
Did I mention we found a few of
the cats' toys?

Almost ready for company!