Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Apartment Renos Get Huge Boost Today

Read all about it! Today, for the second time in this apartment's history, a second couch took its place in the, uh, living room. There's really just one huge room with an entire life in it so this is why I vacillate on the term, living room. Oh, I confess, there is an 8' x 10' bedroom, with bunk beds because this was the best use of the space.

There are two identical couches, imported from the hinterland of Quebec. Well-worth the drive for as you can see, although nearly 20 years old, these couches are in perfect condition. And the colour is amazing. One rests in the van and it is for sale, FREE delivery!

There is much left to do reno-wise but now with a spot to sit and have a cup of tea, or to perhaps pause and read a chapter or two of a book, or peruse magazine, it is heaven.

I think I may get some blocks and raise the couch four to six inches. Low is good but not that easy to get in and out of.

Notice how the window trim is almost the same colour as the couch? Not planned in the least. The trim got painted in early January even before the old couch got sawed in two and ditched.