Thursday, 6 February 2014

Viva Che

A good find today at a new spot in Ottawa run by students who are keen to save the environment by offering free items that might otherwise end up in a landfill site. There were a few things that were of interest, or at the very least, touching. 

These post cards of Che Guevara  from 2006 are a throwback to the sixties when rebellious teens sported berets and Viva Che buttons. 

And there were four or five loose postcards that were written and stamped, all signed by Andrew, which had obviously arrived at their destination but were now discarded by the recipient. The cards were from around the world and had interesting stamps on them. They all pledged undying love and were a trifle intimate for an open source. 

I wonder what would happen if these cards were resent to the object of Andrew's desire.  Would she recall having discarded his love, a love rediscovered a week before Valentine's Day? 

Ah Cuba!
A series of post cards featuring Che Guevara.

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