Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spain's Mail Art Project

Spain wants a bottle with a message in it. Bold of them when everywhere else in the world is asking for post cards.

After long thought, the liquor and perfume bottles were non-starters, and the flat glass bottle, not suitable, so this aluminium Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation bottle will have to do. What I want to do is simply attach a tag to the top and off she goes. But all it would take is for some unscrupulous person somewhere en route to unscrew the top and the jig would be up. No Spain. No Message.

I could glue the top in place but then how will Spain access the message within? Perhaps I can put something explanatory on the tag that people will read, understand, and then speed the bottle to its destination.

How I wish the world were a better place.

The design team were daydreaming when they decided on the mountain theme and threw a few photos together and rolled with it. The pink twist top is limp and does not match anything else about the bottle.

What probably happened is that the bottles were made for a different application and then were remaindered. Looking for a bargain, the breast cancer people grabbed them, slapped a few labels  around, added the pink cap and bang, they were in business. Best thing about this bottle is that it is aluminium, so light and strong, also, no chemicals to leech into the water. And the next best thing is that it is almost a perfect vehicle in which to send a message to Spain.