Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Hard to make out on this background but this out but it will be a decoupage using frames from some discarded comic books, stuff no one's heard of but it's the effect that I'm interested in, not the content necessarily. First edition Superman or not, doesn't matter.

Plan to start this tomorrow. Will only do one side this time around. I can always go back. 

After this case, I have a plan to do a decoupage using maps. Old sheet music would be grand but I do not have any of this. Then I have an idea to do something that resembles chain link mail. Gluing round bits of metal will be the challenge here. 

And finally, I'd like to so a beaded guitar case. I have already done some testing of materials using some black poster board and a two-part acrylic, plus I tried a glaze used for puzzles. This did not work, not if permanency is required.