Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dear Me, Letting you Down

I'm really letting everyone down but it's been such a difficult time with landlord issues, I am burnt-out by supper time each night. And the days are spent dealing with transferring large amounts of stuff between garages. I lost my storage and have been working daily to deal with the situation. I have essentially lost the month of May.

So no art got done today although I certainly thought about what I might do next.

Here's what is a partial resolution to the relocation of 30 years of a life.

What the former garage looks like at this moment. Still some clean-up to do.

And hear is what my current garage looks like. There are no shelves at all in this garage. All this has to be double-handled and organized. Through it all, the roof leaks and there is only one door and the landlord has refused to make good on the work. They say they want to tear down the structure because they cannot afford to maintain it. They have done no maintenance in the 32 years I have rented the one or both garages so I have no idea what they are talking about. A flat roof is easy to patch and putting on the other door, they are making over a thousand a year in rental fees which should cover the cost of fixing the door.

I am incredibly angry at how the situation is being handled by my landlord.