Sunday, 18 April 2010

Practice Board

Never been to art school, never considered that I had any creativity. Always thought that as a reporter, I was a scribe, that is, a listener rather that a doer.

Can't really fathom the whys of it all but certainly, I am aware that the instrument or tool that I used to use hour upon hour, every day of my life since I was a teenager learning how to type in Grade Nine is now my amanuensis and not me its. I am referring to the keyboard, of course.

The first Quirky B was simple, even babyish, as if you'd given your pre-schooler some tempera paint and a crotchety old keyboard and let them go nuts on it. Like the child would've, I went out of the lines, lots, and that's the fun of it all. It was months later that I started adding external items to boards, not seeking to keep them necessarily looking like a keyboard.

Thus, the plastic oblongs had become my canvass. Fortunately, there are numerous companies making keyboards and whereas the keys are inevitably in a certain order, so the boards with which we are familiar are called QWERTY Boards, for the line above home row, occasionally, there is more or less "trapping" around them. This means that there is sometimes more space which can be used, as seen in Woe No Mo', my anti-war board. There is an apron in front of the space bar which allowed me to create a demarcation between troops by painting a water barrier.

To be continued