Monday, 19 April 2010

There Was Time

Time for so many things which then drew to a pin-prick of focus so that as the second hand bisected the quadrants, some things timed-out and others filled in the vacuum.

The precursor of the Quirky B's was a 23-foot long 1978 Lincoln Continental which was called, The Missing Linc, also known as, The Continental Drift or the Mo-Mobile, for the previous owner, Moe, a doctor who revelled in the power and control driving a behemoth gave him.

How, you ask, does a gas-guzzling American tank equate to a computer keyboard? If size is any indication, then nothing but as as you know, it's not the size of what you've got, it's how you use it.

I inherited the Lincoln and knew that it was not a "real" car, not given my environmental stance that it's now or never to truncate our carbon footstep. It wasn't within my ken nor my transportation dollar allotment to consider driving this vehicle; simply turning the key caused the gas gauge to inch to the left, going to the corner store meant cruising most of the way and filling the tank cost more than two-week's groceries.

No sir, this was a not a daily driver but because Moe had lavished care and attention on the old girl, she flew though the safety check and despite one mechanic declaring that the bumper weighed more than his Toyota and that the car was a mobile threat and should be trashed, we were OTR (on the road).

I've gotta dash now but can you please come back tomorrow for the scoop on how that crazy car started me on my career as an artist?

Chat with you then.

Shannon Lee