Sunday, 9 May 2010

Make-overs that Defy Logic

Something like this happens when one gets into an experimental mood.

Not finished but you have to admit, it's an idea.

I was feeling sorry for all those high tech grads coming
into a world of unknown. In Ottawa, Nortel had hit the skids and there was going to be trouble at the OK Corral so I created Welcome High Tech Grads.                 

Below, my ergonomic board had a problem with the M key sticking. Despite the board being just over a month old, because I did not have the original packaging and because I was dealing with a teenaged staff member, they would not replace it. The teenaged supervisor would not listen to reason, either.

Thus an expensive new board became the canvass for my anti-war message. Wo No Mo' or Woe No More or Come on, Lone Ranger, get in there and kick some butt.

       Pink Collar Jungle

So, what would you do with a bag of left-over pastel-coloured gum balls?

Write and tell me.

Thank-you, Shannon Lee