Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lost in Space

Computer is down, down, down. Need a power supply for my modem. Off-line for more than two days.
Meanwhile, I've been working like a mad dog on various projects.
Sawed a keyboard in two, melted others, am arranging art supplies.
Many people have been helping.
I expect to be back on-line chez moi by Wed.
Am on a remote computer in the backwoods of Almonte.

So glad that people are following and wondering where in God's green earth I've got to.

Who knows what built-in whatever's are included in power supplies. System was working perfectly and then, nada.

Interestingly, I contacted Mumbai or who-knows-where for a second time and they verified that it's the power supply for the modem that is the problem. They seemed to have no recollection that I'd spoken to them, two days earlier. No record. I was concerned that power was getting to the modem but still no Internet. Twice they've come up with the same response, it's the power supply.

My final comment, the lights are on but there's no one home.

Thank-you for bearing with me.

Shannon Lee