Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My World for a Working Modem!

Good morning! On another remote spot, this time from Eastview aka Vanier.

The new modem arrived this morn, five days from the time they said it would, excepting the weekend, and it doesn't work.

So I am asking, Now What?

Meanwhile, without a computer around to distract, I am working like a busy bee on a variety of Quirky B's.

The Seven Deadly Sins are coming along with Greed underway and Lust on my mind.

Came up with a quirky idea using a melted board that looks like a minor roller coaster that's covered with roasted marshmallows, toasted to perfection.  Add a Tim's cup and some melted doughnut fridge magnets and, voila, Coffee and Doughnuts a la Tim Hortons.

Some repair done on other boards, outstanding from non-raindate show earlier in June.

It's coming together but without you to see and share, just not the same.

Thank-you for being there for me.

Shannon Lee