Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Colourful Evening

Colour is a wonderful concept. Some things are a little more colourful than others and I chose four diverse items this evening, some of which give off or emote colour and others which absorb and then reflect colour.

What would a posting be without a cute kitten? That's Joan Jet and the Black Hearts aka Blackie basking in the reflected light of the Cabinet Cigars neon clock.
I doubt if the light from the clock affects how white he photographs. What's interesting is the hint of beige fur in the folds of his body.

Green photographs very well as we can see from the appetizing jelly beans above and then from the face of the clock to the right. And, of course one can't go wrong with blue.

The colourful gizmo above to the right will allow me to plug in a variety of USB items plus it adds panache to my literal desktop.

Зеленый фотографии очень хорошо, как мы видим из аппетитный желе-бобы выше, а затем от лица часов справа. И, конечно же не может пойти не так с синим. Красочный gizmo выше позволит мне подключить в различных USB предметов плюс он добавляет рисовка моей литерала рабочий стол.

 Grüne fotografien sehr gut, wie wir sehen können aus der leckeren jelly beans und dann aus dem Gesicht der uhr rechts. Und natürlich kann man nicht schief gehen mit blau. Die bunten gimmick oben wird es mir erlauben, stecken sie in einer Vielzahl von USB-produkte plus es fügt flair auf meine wörtliche desktop.