Saturday, 10 July 2010

Bread and Butter

This will be short and sweet. There was an early Quirky B on the fence at my neighbour's when I was visiting there this evening. I should have taken a photo but did not have my camera.

This pink board that says FLO is one that I did last year and it has braved two summer's of weather. It is removed during the winter so not sure how the snow would've affected it.

Boards that spell words are called Name Plates and I am unsure how many of these I have made but for awhile, I would make one whenever I was invited somewhere for supper or was spending a weekend at someone's home. A bread and butter gift, hence the title of this excerpt. Below is an example of a Name Plate made as a present for the Norton Motorcycle Club gift exchange in 2009.

Thank-you for sandwiching me in.

Shannon Lee