Friday, 9 July 2010

How Far I Have Come

I haven't a photo to show and I wish I did. While in the Gatineau today, I was re-introduced to one of my earlier works of art, a Quirky B I made for a woman last year in celebration of her 70th birthday. When she opened it, she was delighted and placed it on the big old square grand piano in the parlour, point counter-point.

The board was there today when I visited her and I was struck at how simple, almost stark, it is. Just a bronze painted board with nail stickers attached to each key. An then some squiggles of iridescent paint and a few other add-ons, not nearly like the boards today, the ones I call, Installation Boards.

The Installation Boards include the Seven Deadly Sin Suite, the Mental Health Boards and then the random ones such as Wired and Pink Collar Jungle, along with, Your Brain on Drugs, Icarus, Ticky-Tacky and a host of others. And then there are the Molten Wax ones and those board that have been melted.

Your Brain on Drugs



Next time I'm visiting in the Gatineau, I'll take a photo and you'll see what I mean.

Thank-you for traveling with me.

Shannon Lee