Sunday, 25 July 2010

TIMS to Go!

Double-double? Small or LARGE?

The Tims board was a highlight of the show yesterday at the Urban Art @ Minto Park show yesterday. People zeroed in on it. Talk about a branding success!

This was the first time this Quirky B was displayed since it is one of the most recent I created. It continues the experiment I am doing with shape-changing keyboards. It's a look I love!

One of the first boards I melted was hanging on the display rack and everyone who saw it said that it reminded them of the dentist.

Must be those casts of teeth on dental sideboards that imprint on us as we are sitting there...suffering although I must say, I don't mind the dentist a bit and certainly love the results.

But there is a mystery that needs to be solved. The Tims Quirky B sold to Leslie yesterday and I do not have her address. She left her phone number but it's in some else's notebook and he is not available at present and I would dearly like to bring the board to her but I don't know where she lives.
Let's work on this together to find Leslie.


Shannon Lee