Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Quirky B's for Saturday

Getting going on new boards and not a moment too soon. The Strathcona Art in the Park show is a day away.

The whiteish board has, indeed, been sprayed white. And then, if you look at the detail, simply click on either image to enlarge it, you'll see that what has been added is shredded money. I think that this board should be called The Monopoly Board.

I came across a bag of shredded bills which originated from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. They must sell this as tourist grist as it had the quaint name of Fed Shreds and the following message:

Where do Fed Shreds Come From?

Every day Reserve Banks shred millions of dollars in unfit currency, issue new bills, send counterfeits to the Secret Service, and recirculate fit currency. This is a service to the public and banking industry and one of the many ways the Federal Reserve helps promote a sound economy. 

The fine print reads:

This bag contains 34 bills of mixed denomination. Approximate value: $364.

The other board is the beginning of one of the Boards of Mental Health. And another sits on the kitchen table, partially complete. It's the one that is going to incorporate several framed photos from the selection below.

Thank-you for being a picture-perfect supporter of the Quirky B's.

Shannon Lee