Friday, 7 December 2012

Violent, Cruel and Dehumanizing

The offensive display is still in place despite repeatedly asking people who have the authority and who should be exercising it, to have the degrading material removed.

Residents have stopped by to say that they saw the article in yesterday's Ottawa Citizen and are disturbed. They are told that the dolls are consenting and make no overtures towards removing them. 

You can read the article by Googling      Cullen Bird and Ottawa Citizen   and it should be the first or second entry.

Don't forget to look at the other six photos by clicking on the link to the right of the text. I am, quite frankly, surprise that the paper ran these photos on the Internet. They certainly did not run anything like these with the in-print article. 

A1999 review of laws surrounding indecency and nudity by the Uniform Law Conference of Canada  states:

Material is considered harmful if it portrays persons in a degrading manner as objects of violence, cruelty or other forms of dehumanizing treatment.