Thursday, 6 December 2012

Annual Montreal Massacre Memorial in Ottawa

The interesting thing today was that it marked the 23rd anniversary of the killing of 14 female Ecole Polytechnique students by a deranged Marc Lepine in Montreal, QC.

There was a candlelit vigil this eve at a downtown park, Minto Park, and several hundred people gathered to hear the sister of one of the slain women speak, along with three sisters of a local woman who as killed by her husband in 2008.

The ironic thing is that three blocks away, violence toward and degradation of women is upfront and centre in a store window. Neither the Business Improvement people (the BIA), nor the area's city councillor, nor the police appear to be interested in doing anything about it. Two other organizations were contacted, Women Initiative for Safer Environments (WISE) and the Rape Crisis Centre, with limited success due to preparations taking place for this evening's vigil.

Yes, I am impatient. The sooner this window display is dismantled, the better.

Overview of offensive window.
The small figures in front are the dolls, 
detail on the right. Click to make bigger.