Friday, 14 December 2012

Found Items

Whenever there seems nothing to say, inevitably memory kicks in and, bingo, there is this or that that somehow never got mentioned.

There are no photos available at present but two amazing things have been tucked away in the garage.

One is a goodly number of old tin "tiles", like the sort you see on interesting
old ceilings except these ones came from the side of the building I live in. They were removed a couple years ago and have sat in the narrow space between this building and the next. When they were in danger of being thrown away, I grabbed them. These are going to be the foundation of some exceptionally wonderful project.

And next is a very large and heavy wooden frame found up the street in front of a dance studio. I loaded it in the dark so am uncertain of what the frame holds but it looks like a well-worn child's judo gi behind the glass.
The item is at least four inches thick with nicely polished wood  as the frame and then a plywood backing. One corner of the glass is cracked and the hanging apparatus is rudimentary, for certain.

Still, this will no doubt be very useful along the way.

I'll take a few photos tomorrow. I may not have explained what the two items are as well as a couple photos will show you.