Monday, 9 August 2010

Practicing with Fixatives

Keyboard art is fragile art. Transporting boards is fraught with problems.

Several months ago, I bought a box that contained two bottles of substance which when mixed together, promised to be 55 times more substantial than one coat of shellac or other preservative.

I tried it on a full keyboard but much of the thick liquid seeped through the keys and ended up cementing the board to the cardboard box. An interesting if not quirky effect.

There was a bit left in the bottles so did a experiment whereby I used the practice board and created a well around four keys using a plastic bag in order to keep the liquid in one place.
The Practice Board
Plastic bag formed the well that held he liquid.

This worked. The hardened substance comes right away from plastic bag material but is impossible to remove from under the keys, where it was positioned.

 Bit rough, the result, but this is why the practice board. One finds out the properties of various media.

Works on/with glitter and shiny stickers.
Gray ball is there to stay.
What the photos don't show is the depth of the plastic coating. The keys are fully covered and immovable. 

The gray ball is an earring and it is now permanently affixed to the board. And note how the glitter is noticeable and the heart stickers.

Saying this, at $30 a box and it barely covers one keyboard, I'm not sure that this is an experiment that needs to be carried on.

Thank-you, Shannon Lee