Sunday, 8 August 2010

Strathcona Redux

A good show, well-attended and a lovely location.

I got there late and was gratified to find parking right on Range Road. Several bylaw offices were present and about to start ticketing vehicles when someone appeared with a parking permit for the entire street. Good planning!

I found an excellent location to set up. No one else had taken it as display tents would  have crowded the path but my two tables and free-standing rack were perfect for the spot. 

Icarus in front and Trompe of the Eye behind left.
It took about an hour to get organized and it was during this time that the people asking for a donation of art for the silent auction came around. I donated a melted wax board and was somewhat gratified when it didn't sell as I would rather have it in the collection. 
The donated Quirky B.
There's Sex, top right and there's Drugs, bottom left. I plan to have the Rock 'n Roll board ready for the weekend.

The Information Highway, middle, really did crash and burn as the board got dropped during transit. Kinda looked better.

Meanwhile, most of the boards eventually either were positioned on the two tables or they hung on the rack. Small wooden easels are a boon.

Thanks to you who helped make a wonderful day possible.

Shannon Lee