Thursday, 23 September 2010

Art Got to the Church on Time

Art, the creative stuff, not the man.

Made the St. Brigid's 10:30 am delivery appointment with a large brown shopping bag and three lunch bags  holding completed art. Not ceremonious but functional.

My goodness, a glitch in the system and look what popped up, the 1978 Lincoln Continental that started it all. Without taking license to repurpose this behemoth of a car, 23 feet long, into a traveling social justice billboard, I may have never switched to keyboards, a smaller, more focused canvas. Some of the items removed from this car before it went to someone who is restoring it, I have used on the Quirky B's. 

Meanwhile, I ended up making rudimentary signs for my three items using the mouse pads deposited at my back door last evening. I indicated that one of the boards was called, Tangled up in Loss and put a $300 price tag on it. I do not want to oversell or undersell in keeping with what others are charging for their art
How does this sequined number look for tomorrow's art show opening? What was it that Auntie Mame said to her kids? "Sparkle Baby June, Sparkle Rose!"

Please know that I will always sparkle for you. 
Shannon Lee