Saturday, 25 September 2010

Opening Night at St. Brigid's Art Show

Bizarre. Racks held art on S-hooks along the centre aisle upstairs in the deconsecrated church. Lighting was poorly directed spot-lights from on-high. There was no chance of developing a perspective as the aisle in any church is only wide enough to accommodate a bride in a wide white dress.

My art was on a low table at the end of the aisle, in front of the chancel, in the dark. The mouse pads which held the title and price of each piece were jumbled.

Still, I guess, better than not being there at all.

The theme of Memory seems to be interpreted quite differently and this was to be expected. Still, there seemed to be a diversity, of subject matter and, incidentally, price, that was out-of-place. I believe, actually, that my art would have been better positioned with the sculpture show that was downstairs. Art was properly displayed and the setting, superb.

The Alzheimer Society Show/Sale runs until Sunday afternoon.