Sunday, 26 September 2010

How an Artist Lives

Checked the stats today on who's reading this blog and there are lots of Canadian and American viewers but also, art patrons from Russia, Holland, Estonia and some from South Africa! Isn't the Internet wonderful to make such connections!

Taking a break from creation today but thought those tuning in who live far away, and whom I certainly appreciate as Internet friends, may like to see where the Quirky B's originate and how this I set up my space. I use "sets up" loosely as I am space-challenged and doing the best with what I've got.

So here goes, how a quirky person lives who does the Quirky B's.

In the photo below, there are 16 Quirky B's on display on the shelves above a desk that holds, what else, art supplies. There is actually a sofa under the pile of art supplies on the right, below the large clock.

This view shows floor to ceiling shelves that hold art supplies and there is a desk there somewhere with several computers.
This is what it looks like to the side of the shelves holding the Quirky B's and the art supply desk.
More shelves with art supplies and gew-gaws.
Some days, Munch and I share what I think were/are similar frustrations.
Artists need pets, plants and people to nurture
To the right, a beaded curtain creates atmosphere. This doorway leads
to an enclosed sun porch where there are scores of plants and several shelves upon which are stored Quirky B's.With the change of season, the windows will be put back in and the plants placed on shelves around the inside perimeter. It's an unheated space but three light bulbs nicely warm the area during the day.

Thank-you for planting your support solidly behind me.

Shannon Lee