Sunday, 14 November 2010

How the Kitten Helped

 In October when this board was conceived, fishing lures and doll heads were procured. A perfect white fish was ready to represent the Catch of the Day. This was before Harvey, or what we now call, BH.

What was going to be fairly orderly with heads and hooks, as seen below, final work to be called, Catch of the Day, has turned into more of a "what got netted" look.

That dear little Harvey who stars in many of the photos on this blog, had to get his mitts into the art and he managed to entangle the heads and hooks so that a strong depilatory is about the only thing I can use to extricate one from the other and I'm not prepared to do this.

Therefore, mistakes that are made become the art. You'll note that any deadline
I might have had in October, slid to the back-burner, too. This is another BH situation, of course, as the nice white fish mysteriously disappeared in October, halting work. 

A new gift fish appeared and all is well.