Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Melting Idea

The practice board is home to many experiments, front and back. It's important to know what foundation can be laid before art starts. Numerous
attempts have been made to melt plastic onto various keyboards. So far, nothing has worked well but this time, using thinner plastic, more success has been met.

It's not exactly the desired effect but close enough. Using a heat gun and moving it up and down, back and forth, to make sure that the plastic simply doesn't curl up, the plastic takes the shape of the keys. However, it does not melt into the keys. Curiously, the keys underneath start to melt as the plastic molds to the keys, sometimes melting through but not melting into.

You can see how this happens on the left. It is the effect below that is most compelling. Back-lit or with a little window action, there is potential for something fascinating.

There will plenty of time over the winter months to work with and perfect this effect.
A typical backlit keyboard.

Another version of a backlit keyboard.