Monday, 24 January 2011

Straightened Up

Yup, went straight, that is, took the 25 Quirky B's that were returned home just before the weekend and I found a spot for all of them. You may recall in looking at the boards over the past year that they do not necessarily stack and with nigh on 100 of them jostling for space in a very small apartment, resourcefulness in positioning them is the order of the day.

If the photo situation were resolved, there would be photos of  longer shelves holding more boards.

There would  be several photos from different perspectives showing six or seven boards hanging on the wall where some framed photos once hung...and another artist's work, to be sure. Her stuff's much better than mine...but I need the space.

Those boards that I handled today, if I noticed repairs being needed, these I did. It was interesting to see that several of the boards had not been signed or dated so I took care of this. I have not developed a Quirky B. signature and there are several variations. This'll keep curators on their toes.