Sunday, 23 January 2011

Still no Photos but There is a Point

And the point is that there is still creation ongoing.

Today was a sticker day. There is a Quirky B. made of stickers and it was on display to good reviews at the Orleans Public Library for the past month. Getting it home reminded me of how attractive it is and while watching Ricky Gervais comedy clips, I fashioned a similar board but this one if more 3-D with the addition of beads what-not. This one if meant to hang on the wall as the other is a table-top model, so this one needed less flatness, hence the added dimension.
Photo ability just returned so here's that board.
Here's a view with special effects.

The other thing that has been taking place over this weekend is experimentation with of a variety of heart-shaped candy, coating with paint, nail polish, glue, make-up with sparkles and the addition of fixatives. Once a superlative method is determined, some of these coated candies will make their way onto the Romantic Love side of the Platonic/Romantic board in preparation for the group show at the Patrick John Mills Gallery in February. 
Hard to show sparkle. These hearts look very different although the photo does not show

 Photos of the above will be forthcoming, uh, soon. (And here they are, posted on January 26/11)

Thank-you for your patience.