Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Tims Taking Shape

 Certainly is taking shape. With the addition of food...but not real food.

One of my beliefs is that food is too precious a commodity to use it in art. Food is meant to be eaten, not to be displayed or affected in any way that makes it inedible or unpalatable.

The bagel/doughnut items were easy to make out of Styrofoam. The Timbits, could not be developed in this manner. It's one thing to have what could be a toasted bagel but totally different to be confronted by a stiff Timbit.

A cat will find something interesting about anything. Here, Harvey tries to relieve the paper Tims cup of its stir stick while You You, in the background, looks on.

So how did I do it? Fashion those delectable
doughnut holes? Ooo, I could tell you but
then I'd have to make you disappear if I did.

Don't these look good enough to, um, um, um, EAT!