Thursday, 24 February 2011

Naked Times Three

Upcoming at Patrick John Mills Gallery! The theme of the group show is Naked, Naked, Naked. Featured among the five or so Quirky B's will be the board I call Axed. In this case, with an explanation.

The naked truth of the matter is that I was once a writer and now I'm an artist. I've been mutilating and disassembling keyboards ever since.

  On the right, note the finger prints on the wooden handle.

Best part was dripping the "blood" all over. For the show, a sheen of transmission fluid will be added. The stuff's viscous as all-get-out. If you've ever had your vehicle hemorrhage tranny fluid, you'll know of what I speak. Just the messiest liquid in the world.

The Board of Nails with explanation becomes, It Only Hurts When I Bleed.

Hard-wired as we are for lovin' repetition, there's nothing like a bed of nails that nails the visual.