Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Up Against the Elements - Acrylic Paint

With forty days and forty nights of April rain, now is the perfect time to test a variety of paint and sealants. If the paint will stick to the plastic flower pot under diverse weather conditions, then certainly, it will be suitable for long-term use with keyboards.

This is one of the situations arising with the Quirky B's, the fact that the art does not have longevity.

It is a key reason that sales of the boards is not a concern. If they are not going to last, no sense letting them go as at least, studio in situ, they can be worked on when necessary.

Perhaps there should be a discussion about the friability of art. Nothing lasts forever, well, perhaps Tupperware but art in general, is often refreshed. The Old Masters using egg tempera never thought that their paintings would last ad infinitum. But now, we want, nay, demand permanence.