Saturday, 16 April 2011

Today's Contest

The contest to create art using recycled material, a joint venture between Wallack's and Starbucks in the Stafford Plaza in Bells Corners, culminated today with a peoples' choice award.

My suite of two Quirky B's, The Contenders and The Tim's Board, received honourable mention and I was given a Starbucks plastic drink cup.

There were a few concerns with the way in which the show was arranged inasmuch as the art was not accessible having been displayed behind a counter where not many people ventured.Who takes it upon themselves to wander behind a counter in a retail store?

Because the art was behind a counter, the names and labels were illegible.

Lighting was not as good as what it could have been.

There was a girl standing on an six foot ladder taking photos in the midst of people trying to view the art and make their choices. Could this not have been handled earlier in the day, before the show opened?

Some art was not on the wall or shelf behind the counter but was on the counter so that people got a really good look at it and could see names and labels.

And not the least, there was no control of how many ballots people took for People's Choice. There was a pile on the counter bedside the ballot box and there were others up a staircase where the coffee was And apparently, some were being handed out. People could have filled in as many as they wanted  and skewed the results.

I am pleased to have received an honourable mention and I had good feed-back on the boards but participating in this contest was not as good an experience as what I'd hoped.