Tuesday, 17 May 2011

E for Effort

Not an A but 1/3 way down the alphabet. that lonely little three-pronged letter, E. Comes after F. Who knows how much lower E is on the scale of acceptable/non-acceptable, coming after F as it does.

The Starbucks beaded board isn't taking shape. I may have to revert to the * Star idea along with some dollars, folding money, attached to a keyboard. One wag had  the idea of a fake campfire with a miniature coffee pot brewing and with a bucking bronco off to one side.

Given horizontal nature of this piece, it'll be a shelf QB, for sure. For as you know, some hang vertically and others sit flush. Some will lean at a 30 degree angle but still, it will have to have somewhere to sit.

Here's what's been done today. The circling white beads have been removed...but not without a fight. They left evidence of  hot glue and fake nacre. This might very well turn out to be one great big experiment.

White beads removed.
Lovely star, possible prop.

Something interesting from the back yard. No relevance to anything being currently done. Just a cool piece of metal. Part of a drive-shaft? Half of a differential, perhaps?