Saturday, 13 April 2013

Not a Pongy Old Bed

Came across a small guitar case. Perhaps one meant for a small bass guitar such as the one Paul McCartney of The Beatles played. You can see how small it is from how the very small Paper Jamz rests on the cross member. And then you can see how big my cat, Blackie, is when he discovered that the case was a perfect fit.

My plan is to turn it into art by adding all manner of colour and design to the outside. I'd like to do this on a professional basis. First, to spread the
idea that basic black is not where it's at.

I hope to locate some small kids' guitars, those "First Act" ones, and to create some interesting art out of them...installation pieces with a great deal more attraction and meaning than some stuff that caught collectors' eyes from the Young Brits. I mean, really Tracey, a pongy old bed?

Meanwhile below, I tired a collage using Sheila's miniatures and I thought I had everything tight and the glass firmly in place but, uh, no.  As soon as I flipped it, it fell apart. Back to the drawing board on this project.