Friday, 12 April 2013

Shadow Box Presentation Date Set

If you've been following this story about the
creation of three shadow boxes comprised of
miniatures, good news today, the presentation of these boxes will be made to the Diabetes Association in the first week of May.

With last night's revelation that the two etchings will be presented to St. Andrews Church on April 28 and now, May 2 for the boxes, within a couple of weeks, the slate will be clean.

One of the boxes was looking less than full, when compared to the others, so I have dismantled it and am making amendments. To the left, you will see heavy glass stars holding down Velcro on the additional miniatures while the glue dries. I have also added some curly hair to one of the centre faces, as seen below, to fill out that area and to add some heft.

Here's what the new, improved shadow box looks like. Could probably use some smaller items for balance but when seen with the other two, it'll work.