Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Tale of Two Etchings

Damaged corner was fixed with wood filler
 and then sanded.
The box of frames barely fit on the stroller.

This story is coming together. About a month ago, I discovered a box of frames at the side of the road and brought them home using a stroller to transport them.

Two etchings done in 1972 of a church close to Cornwall, ON were among the items in the box. I contacted the minister and offered to bring this art to them, to repatriate it with the church.

One of the frames was gnawed or damaged but it is almost ready to reassemble with the etching while the other etching will have to be adjusted on the mat. And then that frame may need painting to match its mate. Depends on whether or not the frames look different.

The minister of St. Andrews contacted me today and says that Sunday, April 28/13 will be a good time to come and do a bit of a presentation.

The hustle is on to make sure the etchings are ready.

I am curious as to why someone threw out these low-run prints, only six of one view and seven of another. Did they not look? The artist's name was illegible but it was obvious that these were original works of art. I plan to go back to where I found them and ask for some background that I can share with the parishioners of St. Andrews United Church.

Knowing the name of the church was easy; it was
written right on the etching as per proper etchings.

Damage on two upper corners apparent.
Etching will need to be straightened
in the frame.

Just to see if you're reading to the very end.