Monday, 1 April 2013

Be Gone Auto Thieves!

Thieves beware!

My Dodge Caravan was stolen seven weeks ago and it looks like it won't be returned. You have no idea how angry this makes me. Therefore, my next vehicle will be almost impregnable with this baby attached to the steering wheel.

Similar to The Club, this one is generic and bright yellow so would-be light-fingered idiots will see it at once and be deterred: 

Interestingly, here's what one writer wrote about The Club:

The Club is big and highly visible (it even comes in neon pink). By using a Club, you are explicitly telling a potential thief that your car will be hard to steal. The implicit signal, meanwhile, is that your neighbour’s car – the one without a Club – is a much better target. So your Club produces a negative externality for your non-Club-using neighbour in the form of a higher risk that his car will be stolen. 

The Club is a perfect exercise in self-interest.

How perfectly said is this!

Below, a teaser for tomorrow's entry. Have you any idea what this is? What it does? Just how ideal it is?