Monday, 2 July 2012

Of Repairs and Refurbishing

A rock puts weight on the frame where I glued it.
Worked a bit on the privacy screen done for Naked Naked Naked at Patrick John Mills Gallery.

Frame splintered and needed gluing. Now that I have time, I'll outline the photos in black which I meant to do before the show. The idea for this piece was sterling; my execution, somewhat lacking.

I did a little work on the birdhouse this Canada Day Weekend but not nearly enough.

Need to make two of the round things.
Fixed one of the rungs and need to decide which colour to paint the silo.

You can see the main part of the bird house on the beige chair. It's pretty well sanded and I am considering whether to put a layer of linseed oil on the wood before painting or to simply go with a base coat and then two top coats.