Sunday, 20 January 2013

When It's Too Cold to Paint

These shots don't begin to portray the blowing wind and snow that enveloped this location on Rideau Street in Ottawa at 11:00 am this morning. Any art work I might have had to do required electricity and on this bridge over the locks beside the Canadian Museum of Photography, there were sharp sparks of driving snow but that's all.

Still, the call went out and I said I'd be there. When in doubt, show up with food and hot beverages.

Sure was cold and this is no doubt why only two intrepid souls came, Patrick John Mills and Ameike Walker, a Carleton University music student who loves art as much if not even more than music, the other muse who inhabits her soul.

Patrick did a subsequent video after he completed his canvas. He would have done a play-by-play but his camera froze and would not work until he got home and warmed it up.

Ameika used this to support her palette and paper. 

Not exactly dressed for the weather.

Some of these painting supplies will never thaw after today.

At one point, the white paint was being spread with Patrick's
palette knife as if it were cream cheese.