Monday, 3 March 2014


The IBM Selectric above won't power-up so I have listed it for sale on Used Ottawa. I hope someone else has the patience to examine the machine and determine what is going on. In all areas except power, this typewriter looks to be in perfect order. 

While posting to Used Ottawa, I thought I might put an ad for guitar cases. I didn't but I thought about it. There have got to be people who want to set themselves and their instrument apart. They'd decorate their case themselves except for the expense of supplies and the hours of time it takes. 
Enter moi!

And the keyboard. This one, Your Brain on Drugs, was made with a particular person in mind. I was hoping to impress upon him the stupidity of his ways. It may have worked or it may not. Perhaps he's dead now. 

I also wanted to call into question how sensible it is for the City of Ottawa to be supplying drug paraphernalia to addicts. What is on the keyboard is what is supplied to crackheads. It ain't cheap.