Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Making an Art Pitch

A call has gone out over ArtEngine for artists interested in a  new art co-op starting this spring. Since John Patrick Mills Gallery closed down more than a year ago and before this, my year ended as Emerging Artist ended at La Petite Mort Gallery, I have been in free-fall and not associated with any groups of artists. 
Might be time to join in. 

I have responded to the call and will wait and see if I am the sort of artist they 
are looking for. 

Hello, It's very exciting that you are working at starting a co-op gallery in Ottawa. I wouldn't mind talking to you about what you have in mind.

I am a multi-media artist who has worked with computer keyboards for
several years, while creating SCULZ. And for the past couple of years, I 
have been using guitar cases as my canvass. 

Inline images 1
Your Brain on Drugs
(what comes in a crack kit)

Inline images 1   Inline images 2  Inline images 4
                                        Aunt Agnes

Three examples of SCULZ

Inline images 5   Inline images 6

GUITARABESQUE at an art in the park show last September.
Depending on the sort of art you are looking for, I may or may not
fill the bill. 

It'd be good to talk to you about it, nonetheless. 
I may be able to help in other ways.

Best wishes, Shannon