Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Signs and More Signs

Prepped the black board with a sealant.
Stained the wooden letters.
A rainy day meant much time to accomplish outstanding projects. The sign for outside Patrick John Mills Gallery is complete except for a waterproof coating that will be applied before Thursday when it takes the place of the existent sign in front of the gallery.

The sign was going to be bigger but when a perfect frame appeared, the letters composing "slave" got rearranged. At first, there wasn't going to be a "to", seemed redundant but in retrospect, it works better with it there than not.

Photographing various positions of the words helped.
The colouring book special effect is interesting.

Completed sign. Simple. Elegant.
Makes you want to get your crayons out.
These other signs are for a high school reunion which is in two week's time. I said I'd do signs. Twenty signs later, I have one more to do. The ones here are for various displays of the decades the school's been in existence.Some research was required to establish an icon for each decade. The 60's was relatively easy as the smiley face was omnipresent. The 70's is a give-away once you realize that Generation X was informed by hip hop music, drugs and money. Bling, too. I left drugs out but put a shiny bauble in the the two P's and the O. There is sparkle paint used for the dollar sign. Recall that chunky dollar sign jewelry hanging tantalizingly on hairy chests some thirty years ago. Now that's a flash-back worth thinking about!

The sign for the 80's is in the works. Generation Y were called the Millennial while the generation after them, the Z Generation, were coined, Digital Natives.

These signs will be in evidence at Hillcrest High School in Ottawa, May 13 - 15.