Saturday, 18 June 2011

Art is Waiting to Happen in the Garage

Garage sale in Centretown today netted these interesting playing cards done up by the Moncton, NB John Howard Society in 2002 to help prevent Hepatitis C and risks in prison. The character on the box cover is called Dr. S.H.A.R. P. 

The West German clock in the middle wasn't a find today but in sleuthing about for watches and such for Watch Me, this gift from months ago popped up and as it was sitting on the kitchen table this morning, music poured forth as it's alarm is not a harsh clatter but rather a lilting song befitting a music box.

The watch with no numbers on a blue band, on the other hand, was purchased for one dollar at one of the garage sale tables up the street. It is brand new, still in the packaging. Since it is all but impossible to tell time without numbers or some indication, it will no doubt be used to augment a growing number of derelict time pieces. 

The blue-faced watch below works fine and the time indicated is when the photo was taken. However, the band is kaput and a watch is not something to which I am partial so it will become art.

Within my garage, not looking like much, are the wooden components of what will be a wonderful easel. Never used, bits held together with duct tape, this was the find-of-the-day for two dollars.

The saws, on the other hand, are in the garage but did not appear there today. They were a gift, some six or seven of them, from a musician friend who insists that these, too, like the keyboards before them, should and will become art.

A different concept.