Saturday, 6 August 2011

Being Careful

I asked Bruce Stewart to take a look at my postings about censorship and asked for his comments. Here's his response:

I feel that in this situation everyone involved did their work well.
I made a piece that provoked, challenged and was truly hot button.
This on the heels or Norway and Australia.
A certain individual was concerned enough to call the police.
The police checked me out and determined that I was not a threat - nor was
my object of art.
There were no threats, bullying or censorship issues on their part, none at
Frankly, I can sleep better knowing that someone actually cares enough to
watch all our backs.

The only reason it was not in the show was because I pulled it
Why: because if anyone at that opening had called the police concerning the
thing - a Tac. Unit and the Bomb Squad would have turned up. These are not
gentle people.
The Gallery and the block it is situated on would have been evacuated, and
very possibly a water cannon would have been brought into play to disarm the
device. IN the gallery.
So considering that,  I would of course pull the thing.  I am not going to
jeopardize The Gallery, The Art in it or the people attending the opening,
for the sake of one bit of my work.

That is the end of the story...